One Step Forward, Two Steps Back.

Call me naive, but I’m only going off of what I have experienced myself. It seems as though the younger generations are getting increasingly more tolerable, so the more time that passes, the more time the human race excels and grows. Along the way of this journey to now, certain benchmarks reflect times that we, as people, changed through learning. Now, ideally, people see people equally and have learned that for example, nothing sets blacks and whites apart. Similarly, where same-sex marriage used to be unimaginable, now, it is legal under the Supreme Court. Being the youth of this generation, I can say that I know and have friends who were part of the LGBTQ community. Years ago, in general, people were not as tolerable of gay marriage or rights. Despite the fact that the battle progresses and continues, ie. gender neutral bathrooms etc., the legalization and tolerance regarding gay marriage was a huge, huge step that America took, another one of our “markers” for a big change.

However, amidst the happier progressions of things like increased racial tolerance or gay marriage, I continue to wake up in the morning, sleepily rubbing my eyes to the dismaying reports of the news. Terror, horror, crime, hate–it fills paper headlines, TV stations, web browsers-you name it. You’ll hear of things so disgusting you wonder if they’re real…you’ll wonder: how is that even possible?

Not to mention, the recent political turmoil our country has seen in relation to the highly divided and intense election of 2016 hasn’t showed signs of hope and promise either. Despite the civil rights movement, and learning from our mistakes…even after having a black president; people continue to mark and label other people in a back and forth exchange that goes nowhere.

So that’s my question. How is this even possible? How do we seem to continue to learn and grow in a positive way…but then throw it all out the window just to send ourselves plummeting back? Of course, there are good people and bad people who’s actions are uncontrollable by many others….but I’m just waiting for the day that my hope isn’t upscaled by things so incredibly horrific.

How many times will we have to learn?


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