Reaction to Reading on Online Construction

This week, one of our assigned readings was written by Ian O’Byrne, and fully delved into the concept of Online Content Construction, or OCC. I found O’Bryne’s piece to be extremely interesting, and one of strong stance. I believe his ideas are logical, factual and I support many of his findings. Overall, I enjoyed this reading very much as it was incredibly comprehensive and his goals of OCC were the same. Viewing something comprehensively is always something I try to practice, to further my understanding on whatever it may be. Rather than a surface level or definitional understanding, I enjoy investigating and discovering the multitude of sometimes hidden interrelationships that produce whatever the “surface level” concept may be.

O’Byrne does that very effectively here, which is probably why I found his writing captivating and easy to follow. I believe that the comprehensive view he displays regarding OCC is a great way to look at things and should be heard and influential to classrooms everywhere.

Where O’Byrne hits the nail on the head here is where he values all the subcomponents that produce ultimate construction. “Construction”, he begins, “is the building or assembling of an infrastructure”, contrastingly to creation, which “is simply the act of producing, or causing to exist” (O’Bryne). Construction is FAR more comprehensive, and goes into depth on the contributing factors of it, which O’Byrne identifies as creativity, persistence, flexibility and revision. All of these concepts are what are the keys in the process that ultimately assembles that infrastructure that O’Byrne describes.

I think that have students construct things and use their creativity in unison with the technology of actual creation will in the end, give them a far stronger platform on which they build and understand further ideas. I feel that this kind of bottom-up learning is very valuable, and it is how “true” learning occurs, divergent of learning that occurs only through superficial practices like bland memorization.

As a student who has been through K-12 myself, and has read Paulo Freire’s, “The Banking Concept of Education”, minds like O’Byrnes are a pleasant surprise to hear. I am excited, and hopeful for the future minds in education. If more people like this author persist, I feel the coming generations will have minds that not only “know” things (like creation, or reading comprehension) but will be able to usefully apply them, giving them genuine and real importance.


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